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Choose AWS Cloud Watch

"Rectangle/circle w/text to setup AWS CloudWatch:

Configure the details and press ‘test’

Then under ‘SRE & Error Budget’ you can add a feature to a service and configure the cloud watch metrics copied from the Cloud Watch Console

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Press ‘create’

here is an example of the code you need to copy from Cloud watch

2              "view": "timeSeries",
3              "stacked": true,
4              "region": "eu-west-1",
5              "stat": "Sum",
6              "period": 300,
7              "setPeriodToTimeRange": true,
8              "metrics": [
9                [ "AWS/ApplicationELB", "HTTPCode_Target_2XX_Count", "TargetGroup", "targetgroup/frontend-prd01/12cf4g4debe" ],
10                [ "...", "targetgroup/frontend-prd01/34344dd784fea737", ".", "." ],
11                [ "...", "targetgroup/core-prd01/b1ee343d2801", ".", "." ]
12              ]
13        }

Once configured you’ll see the error budgets managed for your teams

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