• How can I leverage Generative AI for my software projects?

    Get in touch, use Agile Analytics and its bot ‘Alan’ to assist you with programming queries and robotise menial tasks of software development.

  • I’d like to get started with SRE, how do I do that?

    Start using a free trial account of Agile Analytics. set up basic Service Level Indicators for Service Health. Determine the Service Level Objectives. You’ll be able to increase the Team Autonomy using SRE’s Error Budget report from Agile Analytics!

  • I use multiple project management systems, how can I get an overview?

    Set up Agile Analytics and link to the existing project management systems, use Agile Analytics' unique AI feature to determine the flow of your projects, measure productivity and see what takes the most focus of your teams.

  • How can I measure team atmosphere or ‘gezelligheid’?

    Start using Agile Analytics fun ‘Kudos’ Feature and see how team successes are celebrated and shared.

  • How do I connect my tools to Agile Analytics?

    You can easily go to Settings in your Agile Analytics account and connect the feature (i.e. Kudos) to the system you need (i.e. Slack). When linking systems like Jira, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud and Git platforms, you can test the connection in your account to ensure a working connection between Agile Analytics and the system.

  • What tools can I connect to Agile Analytics?

    Jira, Slack, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Watch, AWS, Datadog, Prometheus and Elasticsearch. Don’t see your tools? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it work together!

  • What does Agile Analytics add to my existing monitoring tools?

    Agile Analytics takes from multiple source systems and provides monitoring features that are end-to-end throughout your entire development workflow. From inception to production.

  • Do I need support or consultancy to use the platform?

    Absolutely not! Agile Analytics is extremely easy to use and is completely set up within an hour. But in case you do have questions, suggestions or additions to the platform we’re always here for you. Let’s chat!

  • Do I need to upload self-reported data or manual add data?

    Every link with our source systems is automated. Only the Hours feature data is mostly manual, but includes an inferred hours function. Yes, we love AI and hate manual work.

  • How does Agile Analytics use machine learning and AI?

    This is used in our Sprint Insights feature. This machine learning feature is trained on millions of tickets from Github data. It now automatically determines if a ticket is maintenance or improvement work and registers how much time is spent on both.

  • How can I start?

    Simply schedule a demo with us, and we’ll get you all set up!