Stop guessing, start measuring

Supercharge your software development with Agile Analytics! Leverage DORA metrics, SRE Error Budgets and AI Powered Sprint Insights to improve Performance, Reliability and Security

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  • Realtime DORA metrics

  • SRE Error Budgets for AWS, GCP and Azure

  • Automate time keeping

  • Find Leaked Private Keys

  • Automate non-functional quality management

Key benefits

  • Increase team autonomy and quality of production

  • Balance maintenance and feature work

  • Get a grip on software development stock

Feeling frustrated because you have no idea how your agile software projects and teams are really doing?


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    Developing new features takes ages


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    Developers are unhappy or uninvolved


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    Time-to-market is going through the roof


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    Productivity and performance data is lacking


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    Changes in existing software are costly


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    Not finding or retaining the talent you need

Discover our easy-to-use platform and get end-to-end insights in performance, productivity, and autonomy to empower your teams.

How does it work?

Why limit your insights on development efforts to Jira or Git only? When you can easily gain insight across your complete pipeline and all your tools?

Agile Analytics is the powerful engine between your project management, monitoring, telemetry, collaborative communication, and continuous delivery systems.

It’s extremely easy to set up, integrate and connect with your existing tools. Analyse your performance, improve focus, and make better decisions for your team!

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Discover our powerful features


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    Error Budgets

    • Monitors if your service level is outside SLA

    • Improves the autonomy of your agile team

    • Delivers actionable data about how you’re managing production


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    Sprint Insights

    • Creates insights in feature development balance

    • Uses AI and machine learning for analyzing your tickets

    • Automatically registers the time spent on feature & non-feature work


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    • Shows your unexecuted development changes

    • Find out how productive your team is working on deliveries

    • Receive relevant data about your software ‘stock and waste’


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    ChatGPT support

    • Reviews code, suggests improvements & solutions for issues in production

    • Has intimate knowledge of all popular programming languages and frameworks

    • Is available as easy as @analyticsbot inside your Slack workspace


  • How can I leverage Generative AI for my software projects?

    Get in touch, use Agile Analytics and its bot ‘Alan’ to assist you with programming queries and robotise menial tasks of software development.

  • I’d like to get started with SRE, how do I do that?

    Start using a free trial account of Agile Analytics. set up basic Service Level Indicators for Service Health. Determine the Service Level Objectives. You’ll be able to increase the Team Autonomy using SRE’s Error Budget report from Agile Analytics!

  • I use multiple project management systems, how can I get an overview?

    Set up Agile Analytics and link to the existing project management systems, use Agile Analytics' unique AI feature to determine the flow of your projects, measure productivity and see what takes the most focus of your teams.

  • How can I measure team atmosphere or ‘gezelligheid’?

    Start using Agile Analytics fun ‘Kudos’ Feature and see how team successes are celebrated and shared.

  • What tools can I connect to Agile Analytics?

    Jira, Slack, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Watch, AWS, Datadog, Prometheus and Elasticsearch. Don’t see your tools? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it work together!

  • What does Agile Analytics add to my existing monitoring tools?

    Agile Analytics takes from multiple source systems and provides monitoring features that are end-to-end throughout your entire development workflow. From inception to production.

  • Do I need support or consultancy to use the platform?

    Every link with our source systems is automated. Only the Hours feature data is mostly manual, but includes an inferred hours function. Yes, we love AI.

  • How can I start?

    Simply schedule a demo with us, and we’ll get you all set up!

Do you have more questions?

Enjoy ChatGPT support

Get a new digital employee of your organisation

  • Reviews code and suggests improvements

  • Suggests solutions for issues in production

  • Has intimate knowledge of all popular programming languages and frameworks

  • Is available as easy as @analyticsbot inside your Slack workspace

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This is Agile Analytics

  • A complete solution: automatically analyses and translates your data on agile software development in one, easy tool

  • Use our metrics and alerts to make sure that you deliver on your promises and are working on the right things

  • Increase the productivity and autonomy of your teams while growing engagement

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and doesn’t require any manual or self-reported data

  • No need for help from a consultant, easy to use and complete self-service platform